Did you ever...

Start doing something that you knew was going to take you a lot longer than you thought, when you were in a hurry to get it done?

Well, today I'm on a tight schedule, but decided that one of my quilt bindings needed to be sewn down better, and decided to use monofilament in the top thread and also the bobbin. I figured it would hide the stitches better. Now I've used monofilament in the top before but never the bobbin, so had to wind one. I know you're supposed to wind it slowly so it doesn't stretch, but it wasn't winding evenly. So, being a naturally impatient guy, I decided i would help guide the thread.

I'm sure you can guess what happened. The thread started winding under the bobbin and now there's a big mess. And trying to deal with monofilament is like trying to deal with a spider web. So, it's gonna take quite some time to get the filament off the winding mechanism. I'm thinking maybe a blow torch.

Now imagine this with monofilament wrapped in all different directions

Oh what a tangled web we weave:)