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Thanks to everyone who joined me for virtual classes last week. You were a joy to spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday with. Mancuso classes rock!

And for those of you who haven't tried a virtual class yet, you're missing out on a day of fun-filled information.

Here's what some participants had to say:

Margaret HouriganThu, Jun 25, 5:55 PM

Fantastic class - well worth the time. This method of paper piecing has me sold on trying out more patterns. The real show stopper was the dental floss points!

Patricia KhanThu, Jun 25, 6:14 PM Agreed.  Wonderful class, classmates, technique, and instructor.   I feel an all-night sewing binge coming on!  :- Looking forward to see everyone’s creations. 

SandyThu, Jun 25, 6:43 PM I'm really glad this class (Storm at Sea is a favorite design) was offered; I'd planned to take it last August in Springfield, MA, but my schedule didn't permit. This was the perfect opportunity to dive into my stash and "unpack" my sewing machine after years of not sewing; being able to set it all up at home was fantastic. David, you offered just the right amount of technical instruction, with great visuals and sewing aids. Everything was clearly presented. I'm inspired to stay at the machine, and I look forward to future Zoom-class opportunities. Thanks for a lovely day!

Ginny PenceThu, Jun 25, 7:08 PM I was a paper piecing failure/hater and only signed up for this class when I was in a stuck-at-home funk.  But I am so glad I did—I loved this method!  What I hated about paper piecing was the bulk of all that fabric and paper and tryin to rip it out of the seams.  But wonderfully, both of those issues were solved. David, you are an excellent instructor with good ideas, a great sense of humor, and not too many “quilting rules”.  I am going to approach my guild and another group I belong to and see if we can’t arrange another workshop.  Your use of cameras and audio was very professional and really enhanced the class.  My only complaint is that it started pretty early for us west coasters. Thanks for a great day,

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