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Reverse Applique Seasonal Placemat – Winter

Since the placemat is seasonal, it doesn’t have to be in holiday colors unless you want a holiday placemat.  The colors are totally up to you.


In the illustration, the background fabric is black, and the tree fabric is white.

Supplies Needed (for 1 placemat):


  • Sewing machine

  • Three 14” x 20” pieces of double-sided iron on adhesive.  I use Heat N Bond lite off the bolt

  • An Xacto Knife with a fresh blade

  • Your fabric

  • Thread that matches the background fabric for topstitching

  • 45mm rotary cutter

  • Small rotary cutter (optional) 14mm, 18mm or 28mm with a fresh blade

  • Small, sharp scissors

  • Small, sharp, curved applique scissors

  • Cutting mat

  • 24” acrylic ruler

  • Glue stick, non-permanent 

  • Iron and ironing board


Background fabric (dark):


  • One piece cut to 14” x 20”. 

  • Two 2 ½ “width of fabric” strips from background color


Tree fabric (light): 


  • One piece cut to 14” x 20”

  • Two 2 ¾” “width of fabric” strips

Backing Fabric:

  • One piece cut to 14” x 20”

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