NH Beauty

Using my "No More Tears"© Foundation Piecing Method

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Are you curious about paper piecing?  Do you and paper piecing already have a love/hate relationship?  This class will make paper piecing a love/love relationship.  The New York Beauty has always been a very popular pattern.  But why call it NY Beauty when I live in NH?  So, we’re making the NH Beauty wall hanging.  We’ll not only be using my “No More Tears” © method of paper piecing, but we’ll also tackle curved seams.  They are not nearly as hard as they look😊

We probably won't finish the entire project in class but you'll have all the tools you'll need to finish it at home.

The finished piece measures 24" x 24" without borders.

In this one-day class we’ll take the mystery out of:

The basics of paper piecing

The "No More Tears"© method

HN Beauty basics

Precise block and quilt top construction and curved seams

You'll be paper piecing like a pro by the end of class!


Your pressed fabric

Sewing Machine, thread and bobbin

Pins, bastng needle, and just in case, a seam ripper

23mm rotary cutter and/or 45mm rotary cutter with

a new blade

6"x12"rotary cutting ruler

Cutting mat

12" 1/4" Paper Piecing Ruler (Optional but for sale)

Add an 1/8th ruler (Optional)

Paper Scissors and fabric scissors

A word about design and fabric selection:


A word about fabric selection:  You’ll notice that I chose 4 different colors in several different fabrics randomly for the L-shaped background, pie wedge, and arcs and used a bright yellow for the “rays”, so that there was high contrast and the rays really stand out. 

There are 3 large blocks and 4 smaller blocks.  The larger blocks measure 12”x12” and the 4 smaller measure 6”x6”.  We’ll be making as many of each as time allows.


*Contrasting fabric means any 2 fabrics that create a very  “crisp” line between them when placed next to each other. Please, avoid directional prints, large prints, or 2 prints that share a common color. Designate which of your fabrics is “dark” and which “light’. 



Think about using some of your scraps for this.  We’ll be doing most of the cutting in class so bring at least 24” of each of your “L”, “Pie” and "Arc" fabrics and at least 10” of your “ray” fabric.  There will be LOTS of fabric left over

All fabric is cut cross grain or Width of Fabric (WOF).  Measurements assume 40" of useable fabric.