Paper piecing continues to be one of quilting's challenges. with so many variables and so many ways to get it wrong, right?

Wrong!  I've taken the mystery out of paper piecing by making it easy to do and much faster and efficient.  But you'll have to be the judge of the.

I've often heard that Log Cabin is a great beginner's pattern.  Well, I say bull crap.  Even after all these years of quilting, Log Cabin remains a pattern I've yet to do.  Why?  Because it's much much trickier than it looks and, if you want to make the construction easier, we pre-cut every piece.  That's a lot of time invested.

Well, I've decided to paper piece the traditional log cabin with a bit of a more contemporary look, which makes it, as far as I'm concerned, a "Log Home"

It's Paper Piecing for the 21st Century


Your pre-cut and any extra fabric

Sewing machine, thread and pre-wound bobbin, regular piecing foot and 1/4" foot

Pins, and just in case, a seam ripper

Rotary cutter (with a new blade) and ruler - 6"x12" works fine

Small cutting mat 9" x 12" is fine

Pencil or pen

Highlighters (any color)

Add-A-Quarter ruler (the longer the better)

Add-An-Eighth ruler (optional but helpful)

Paper and  fabric scissors

Invisible Scotch Tape (any brand)

Elmer's Disappearing Purple Glue Stick or any washable, acid free glue stick            

Glue Stick (2).jpg


You'll Learn:

The basics of paper piecing

The "No More Tears"© method

Storm at Sea basics

Precise block and quilt top construction