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August 1st at 12:05 PDT

Talk about a dream come true. Appearing with Alex and Ricky was actually #1 on my life's bucket list. And unbelievably, it happened. Because of the pandemic, it took 1-1/2 years to actually make it to the taping but back in March I was in front of the cameras with two of my favorite quilting legends.

The funny thing? I have no idea what I said or did because it went by in a blur. So on Sunday I'll be watching much like you, having no idea what the hell to expect.

Since The Quilt Show is a subscription website, they are generously offering a free one-week trial subscription to anyone who wants to see my segment. This way, you can watch it any time and as many times as you want within that week. But, also take advantage of everything else the website has to offer, which is huge.

You'll also be seeing the very first public demo of my paper piecing method, which was only available to those of you who have taken one or more of my classes. I've kept the method pretty close to the vest. As a result, I'll be able to share more videos about my technique in the future.

Just click the logo below to gain access.

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