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Let's Finish Up May...

On the 14th and 15th I had the pleasure of spending time with the Rhododendron Needlers Quilt Guild in Walpole MA where we had a ball at both the Lecture and the Workshop. You guys ROCK! And a special thank you to Jacqueline and Jacqui for a delicious dinner.

And look who was the proud winner of the Gütermann door prize. Congratulations!!!

Then it was off to Leominster to do a Storm at Sea workshop. Judy and Kathie were absolutely wonderful. They were my handlers and were responsible for the workshop. It came off without a hitch and can't wait to go back and visit again. You all were GREAT!

And look who the lucky lady was who took home the Gütermann Signature winter assortment of threads. Congratulations Monica! LOVE the featherweight:)

And finally, went to Frenchtown NJ for a glorious visit with the Courthouse Q!uilters. Such a fun day of sewing and lectures. So much fun, so little time:)

And the lucky winner of the Gütermann thread was...Patricia:)

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