Thank God for Medication

As someone with serious ADHD and OCD I've gotten myself in a situation where I can bite the bullet or take the easy way out. I've quilted my top and there are 58 thread ends to bury. I've gotten the 54 from the top to the back, but now I have 54 more to bury on the back. And btw I used monofilament for the quilting. For the easy way, in the past I've actually put on a false back to do the quilting, and then added the real back over it with a minimum of quilting to hold the sandwich together,which eliminated the thread burying step on the back. But...I've used cotten duck with a very vibrant pattern and am concerned that because of it's weight and colors, that a false back won't work. So as much as I'm not looking forward to it, I'm going to have to bury 54 more thread ends. And don't forget the monofilament which is like working with a clear silk thread with a mind of its own. The OCD part of me makes it almost impossible to start and then put it down to finish later. Please, pray for me:)

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