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Ever been to Narraganset Bay RI?

Well, I went there on Thursday and Friday. Thursday night was a lecture and Friday was Storm at Sea. What a wonderful group and I'd especially like to thank Chrissy Bonin and Hope Barton for taking such good care of me.

The lecture was pure fun...everyone laughed when they were supposed to and even had a couple of hecklers. I love that.

The class was pure joy. I was very impressed with the speed at which these ladies learned and their work turned out beautifully. Thank you to all who were there. Also, thank you Karen from Blaine's Sewing Machine Center. You were great!

And CONGRATULATIONS Allison. Allison was the lucky ticket holder in he Gütermann door prize give away. Enjoy every stitch, Allison.

Look what I won!!!

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Much appreciated

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Roscoe Bagley
Roscoe Bagley
Apr 23, 2019

Thanks for making our meeting so much fun!

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