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Finally, again

After about 2 years, the final version of "Flying Beauty" is finished. Well, almost. I still have to send it to my quilting genius, Elizabeth Swan. But for now, I can get back to answering emails, adding events, etc. But're gonna need cutting specs, how to's and other information for taking the class.

More to come:)

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Check out the new facebook group!

Come join the fun in the new group "Addicted to Quilting" hosted by your friends at Here's the link Addicted to Quilting

Much appreciated

I was quite surprised by the number of you who wanted to be part of the beta group...far more than five. If you were one of the first five, you'll receive an email by tomorrow morning with the details

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Hello. I hope this is the right place to ask a question about the faux CW tutorial. I want to make a ‘rainbow’ cushion as shown at the end of the tutorial but don’t understand what you mean by the quarter turn. could you clarify this for me please.

Me gusta
02 nov 2022
Contestando a

Hi there. I'm afraid you got me mixed up with another quilt maven. The blog you saw was "Diary of a Quilt Maven". Hope you get your question answered:)

Me gusta

Just beautiful! Can’t wait to take this class!👏👏👏

Me gusta! I am sooooo excited to take this class! I love that your technique allows me to feel confident to make these beautiful and otherwise formerly "intimidating" patterns. Thank you for making this possible!!!!!!!

Me gusta

Debby Coleman
Debby Coleman
29 jul 2021

That is beautiful - I can’t wait to make it

Me gusta

dave..excited with the pattern look and can not wait to be able to take the class with you.

keep me on list when we can sign up

that is grammie carollou

Me gusta
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